Thursday, April 23, 2015

Surprise Letter

Wow. Only 3 days in the field? It already feels as if I've been out for months! Boise is really warm and sunny (most of the time), and everyone I've met is super friendly. My companion right now is Elder Lee; you should have already received a photo of me and him. He is really nice, and he wants to be an automobile engineer when he returns. He only has seven months left to make his mission complete, but he said that he only focuses on his work. He is really a great guy to get along with. We are currently serving in the Meridian area, which is super small; it only takes a few minutes to walk or bike to anybody's house. We are living with a family with the Powells while the bathtub at our normal home gets fixed. There are four other missionaries living there as well (it's a big house), and they are all very kind.

On my first day, we met a nonmember named Lisa. She was the absolute nicest person you would ever meet, but she has to take a lot of pills every day, and her cousin just barely made it alive through a massive car crash. I really felt that there was a connection between us as I talked about some of my experiences and feelings. I felt really blessed to be in the right place at the right time. Today, we will be teaching a Catholic woman named Teia. She was also kind to us when she agreed to listen to us teach her. Also, don't worry about me starving, because we have a dinner with members nearly every night, and talking to them all makes me look forward to church this Sunday.

I can talk to you all on Monday, and the usual time is about 2 hours long, so you'll have plenty of time to ask me questions, but if I don't respond to you immediately, it usually means that I'm busy. I'll tell you the email time when I know it. :) I had only a half hour to talk today, so please don't respond to me until Monday. Get your questions ready! I promised myself I wouldn't cry at all, but sitting here makes me feel the love you all have for me. Talk to you on Monday!

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