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April 30, 2015

April 30, 2015
Erik: Hey, Mom! Our p-day was moved to Thursday this week due to a temple trip, so sorry I wasn't able to respond. Elder Lee is a super nice guy; he acts rough, but it's only to people that he likes, and he really has a testimony of the gospel. We only were with the Powells until Monday, then we moved in with the Vales, and even though the apartment isn't super-nice, it still has all of the essentials (fridge, microwave, restroom with shower, the works).

We have had dinner with members almost every night so far; nothing too extreme, we just have whatever the family feels like having. I haven't had the opportunity to try any new foods, but I'll let you know.

I loved going to church on Sunday. We have the opportunity to meet with our ward mission leader (different from our mission president) every week. He and everyone we have met so far is very nice to us, and we love to mess around with everyone.

I felt a little homesick when I left you guys, but since I settled in, things have felt so normal, like I was meant to be here in Boise. The bike rides in the sun aren't fun, but Elder Lee makes sure I get where I need to go without too much stress. I look forward to these next few months with him. I love you and everyone else. Tell everyone I said Hi!
Tara:  Hi son !!! I have been excited to hear from you!!!  It sounds like everything is going great! I knew it would.... That initial separation is hard, but you ARE where you were meant to go!  How was the Boise temple? are you and Elder Lee the only ones in your apartment, or do you share with other elders? Is there anything that you need? Is it ok to email back and forth, like we do with Jacob? I'm glad you are doing so well and we pray for your happiness and success in teaching the gospel.

Erik: The Boise temple is beautiful! The endowment session is only held in the one room before we go to the celestial room, so it's a strange change of pace. Me and Elder Lee are the only ones living in our apartment, but we meet up with the other missionaries a lot. The sister missionaries talked to a less-active member before we did, so Elder Lee is pretty upset about that :) Nothing I need right now, but thanks for asking. I loved your package that I got this Monday. I cried a bit when I read the note, so thanks a lot! I think emailing is okay on Monday, but be prepared for less time to email or switching times, mkay?

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