Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015
Erik:  Hey all! This week in Eagle has been...interesting. Elder Anderson is a lot like me, because he loves animals and drawing. He loves to draw robots and armor and the like, and he has an amazing memory; he recited the entire history of the Christian church to me one day. The new apartment is at 1275 Beacon Light Road in Eagle, Idaho. The area is much more spread apart than Meridian, so it takes a while for us to bike into our ward.

Elder Lee was a good companion; a little disobedient, but he was constantly working on being a good missionary. He goes home in November, so he still has a little bit of time left. Elder Lee forgot to give me his email address, so I can't contact him, but we might meet together for Don Healton's baptism. He struggled with missionaries for about 10 years, and he finally accepted the baptism date a couple of weeks ago! I'm excited to see him progress even though I'm not teaching him anymore.

I can't think of anything that would be good for my birthday package except for a flash drive; it doesn't have to be huge, but I would like some space on it.

My bike riding is doing well, and my weight is steadily dropping at a good rate.

By the way, when does school end for Emily? I think it was in June, but i would like to talk to her more often as soon as possible.

Thanks for all of the pictures! Nice to see that you got together with lots of family members; in fact, it's always a good idea to invite friends and family over to eat with you occasionaly. Keep on working hard and praying for us!
Also, have some pictures of a beautiful sunset, Elder Anderson holding a Blue Macaw, and my fellow missionaries in a service project!

Tara: Hi son! Great to hear from you! I love the pictures... Especially the ones with you on them. Continue to take them and share with us!  Still happy and healthy?
Erik: I'm pretty happy, except for the fact that my hands are a little sensitive right now. I had a bike accident where I fell off and bruised my hands a bit. Luckily, we just happen to bike by someone who used to be a Church nurse, so she had me get some cold water and ice; nothing too serious, and it should be gone in a week or so.Also, I am disappointed that Em hasn't emailed me for a while. Is she too busy, or just forgetful, or both?
Tara: I'm sorry about your hands... Hope they feel better soon! Em has been busy. I asked her to write to you yesterday, but I bet she forgot. I will continue to remind her... She misses you a bunch!  
Emily: Hi Erik! Sorry that I haven't been able to email, I have been super busy. I got out of school about two weeks ago. Marching band starts tomorrow and I am super excited.

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