Tuesday, May 5, 2015

May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015

Erik: Hey, Mom! The weather here is warm, but not too bad. I don't really know when we are allowed to call home, but I'll let you know ASAP. I hope you enjoyed the movies!  What time would work for you to call me? I'm thinking 3 or 4, after church.

Mom: Hi! 3 or 4 would work just fine.  If we are supposed to call you, we will need a phone number. If you call us, call my phone 208-206-1251, and dad can record the conversation with his phone.  How is it going?  Still enjoying everything?

Erik: 3 would probably work just fine, but I think we will be using Skype for our calls. My mission is great! Elder Lee is the best trainer I could ask for, and I'm learning so much. We got a new investigator on Friday; her name is Suafa, and she has a few questions that she would like to ask us. We also have an elderly person who wants to be baptized; his name is Don Healton, and he wants to have a baptism after he has a sure knowledge of the Book of Mormon. I feel really blessed to live here in Meridian today!
Mom: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
Yay! Skyping will be fine! We will plan on 3 unless you let us know otherwise. Elder Lee sounds like a really cool guy...  I am happy that you are teaching some promising investigators. We pray that you will be able to be a good teacher and be led to people who want to have the gospel in their lives. Keep us posted on the teaching!  We are so proud of you! Are you eating well/healthy? 

Erik: Each meal, I try to eat my fruits and veggies, but most people think that the missionaries are starving, so we get lots of food every day. We keep healthy though, don't worry your head about it!

Mom:  Just remember portion sizes! What else do you do on p-days?

Erik: We go shopping, clean up around the house, fix up our bikes (mine had a flat tire. Go figurehttps://mail.google.com/mail/e/362), and any other stuff we feel we need to do. I like it, though.

Mom: Too bad about the flat tire... I hope it wasn't too hard to fix. Were you able to patch it, or did you have to get a new tube? 

Erik: The tube was hard to get off, so we're going to shop for a better one this afternoon. Everything else is fine, though

Mom: K... I'm sure you will be able to handle it. You get to learn all kinds of new things! Love you a bunch!

Dad: Hey Erik. Use reply all so I can see both sides of the conversation. I generally understand based on your mom's half. But it would be nice to see both and chime in when I can. 

Erik: Duly noted

Dad: So, share with us a typical daily schedule from dawn to dusk. 

Erik: We wake up at 6:30, do morning chores and study until 10, go proselyting until 9, then come home.

Dad: Cool. Share even more detail.

Erik: 6:30- Wake up and do morning chores
8 to 9- Personal study on what we think is best for different investigators
9 to 10- Companionship study to share what we learned in personal study and review important topics
10 to 9- Walk or bike to houses in Meridian to proselyte (spiritual thought or missionary discussion depending on time)
9 to 10:30- Plan for next day, get ready for bed, retire

Hey, all! If my talking seems a bit short this week, that's because I'm thinking of what to write! Actually, there's a lady we are teaching right now whose name is Lisa. She has had some troubles lately; she is the nicest non-Mormon I can think of, but she has had problems with her family, drugs, and other things she won't talk to us about. We pray for her and every investigator we find, but if you could pray for her and give some advice on what to do, that would be so helpful. Also, I could use some advice on how to teach someone who isn't Mormon about the Church.

On Mother's Day, the plan is to make a Skype call at around 3, so I want you all to be prepared to ask some good questions, and keeping the crying to a minimum ;)

Not much is going on in the mission field as far as new investigators go, besides Suafa, but I'm meeting many members of the church we go to, which is the Cottonwood Park Ward, and we haven't met half of the members yet, and I'm still learning everybody's names. One of our most popular stops is at the Leavitts; they know Elder Lee personally, and they are the nicest people ever. Their son just got back from a mission, so it was nice to talk to him about his experiences.

I have until noon to talk, so if you have any questions, ask them now!

Mom: We will pray for Lisa and for your ability to teach her. You are doing great on telling us what is going on! We love to hear everything that you are doing! Also, I can't wait to skype on Sunday!!!!!

Erik: And I love you, Mom. I love you all and I can't wait to see you on Mother's day! I have to go now, sorry we couldn't talk longer. See you on the flip side!


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