Sunday, May 31, 2015

May 23, 2015

May 25, 2015
Erik: Well, everyone, it's been a great week so far! Lisa finally got some help on Friday, so she gets to keep her house for five more years! Thank you for your prayers and thoughts for her! Our transfers come at the end of this week, so I don't think I have a lot of time left with Elder Lee, but I will still contact him whenever he needs it.

For Memorial Day, we have a special dodge-ball tournament to say goodbye to the Sisters leaving our mission. They have stated over and over again how much they will miss being servants of the Lord, and I will miss them too. I think after the exercise that we will most definitely be getting, it will be business as usual for us; however, I don't think many people will be home for Memorial Day. Fun for us! Also, we got a huge breakfast at Golden Corral, and Elder Lee ate way more than me; I guess that's how people from Alabama work. 

I still don't think I need anything else for my birthday, I pretty much have everything I need at our home. I do need to buy some foot spray though; my blisters get very rough with all the biking we have to do.

I really wish I had more material for these letters, but I just can't ever think of what to do for them! We are almost ready for one elderly person to be baptized, but he's very hesitant, so we'll see what happens. Thanks for the photos you sent me! I loved seeing the ones where you were in the wind tunnel. 

One thing I would stress for you guys is to have FHE every Monday night and to be involved. If you are on the phone doing something that will distract you, stop it. It is a time for all of you to stop what you normally do in life and come closer as a family. Please commit to do this for me!

Tara: Hi son.  We are at the parade in Corvallis right now, then we will be heading for home. Sounds like you have a fun day planned! We will take on your FHE challenge. Grandma and grandpa say hi and they love you!  

Erik: Tell them I love them too! Have fun!

Tara: Do you have any pictures for us this week? I have tried to take a few of our activities to show you boys. We are sure enjoying our Montana trip!  I am sure that transfers will require some adjustments but i know you will do well with it. Just be sure to be open and understanding that every companion you get will have different strengths and weaknesses. Love you so much! 

Erik: I was going to take some pictures of me and Elder Lee with some kittens we met last week, but my camera died on me, so no photos today; sorry :( I hope my next companion will be as good as Elder Lee!

Tony: Is it fixable or do you need a new one?
Erik: The battery just ran out on me, don't worry about it at all.
Tony: Don't you have more batteries?

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